We are loaded for the bonus show this week, and we start with former Warriors GM Bob Myers who somehow couldn’t find the leak of the Draymond Green vs Jordan Poole fight. Even though the team keeps track of everyone in and out of practice, Rob thinks it must have been hacked or buried on purpose. We also dive into some listener questions about whether the Bucks are regretting their hire of Doc Rivers, what has happened to the once great sports city of Oakland now that the A’s are going to Sacramento for a few seasons, what would happen to the Bulls if Billy Donovan takes the Kentucky. Rob also weighs in on last week’s bad look for the Dodgers, after the way they handled the young woman who caught Shohei Ohtani’s first home run in LA and they all but threatened her to give up the ball for far less than it was worth. And after the New York earthquake last week, Rob and the crew reflect on some of the wildest natural disasters that we’ve lived through.

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