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Big Shot Bob – Shoot Around Ep 47 – Pregnant Bikini Contest



A really fun bonus show kicks off the weekend with the amazing Brady roast – which Tom Brady immediately regretted – Rob tells us the story about getting committed to judging a pregnant bikini contest. And after a member of the Padres AAA affiliate found out he was getting traded while standing on second base, we ask Rob where he was when he found out he got traded to the Suns for Charles Barkley. Plus did a new sandwich cutting style on the Internet change the game forever? Nope, because Rob is a crazy man who does not cut his sandwiches at all. We also talk about the unfortunate case of Lonzo Ball, who just picked up his huge option with the Bulls despite having not played for the last two years. We also nerd out by calling in our four favorite X-Men to save our butts in a fight, and dive into the WILD story about Vladimir Putin stealing Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring!

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