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BJ and Bill The Podcast EP - 24


For reasons still yet to be determined, this Episode – Number 24 – marks the official end of Season 1 of the BJ and Bill podcast. Nope, there’s no particular reason for it… no logic that specifies how many episodes are in a “season” … we just decided 24 was a season. So there’s that…

A little bit of just-past Super Bowl coverage in this one, especially the games musical content… meaning the halftime show and very powerful (for us, anyway) National Anthem rendition by Chris Stapleton.

Also on the show, a lot of old, OLD radio memories for both the boys. Radio careers that have spanned many years! Both BJ and Bill talk about some of their first gigs in the radio biz, and the crazy people and events that filled the time.

As always, we welcome your stories, memories and questions. Email the show at:, or simply search for “BJandBillPodcast” on Facebook.

Thanks! See you next week… for Season Two!

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