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For no particular reason, BJ and Bill thought 24 was a good number of episodes for a “season” of podcasts. Is there even such as thing as seasons in podcasts? We don’t know, but that’s not stopping us from starting Season Two right here, right now at Episode 25. Does it matter? Not really… but hey, it’s our podcast, and we’ll do what we want.

So in this episode, there’s a run down of some popular sports making it big on TV these days. As of this recording, the NBA All-Star game was just completed, along with big NASCAR races and – yes – pickleball! Bill gets to show off some nuggets of p-ball knowledge, and BJ talks NASCAR racing.

Also, there’s an interesting discussion of online (and offline) dating, the process of meeting people, and if the “swipe right / swipe left” way of finding a new special someone is even really a good way to handle such an important process. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

How to get in touch: As always, we welcome your stories, memories and questions, and dating advice! Email the show at:, or simply search for “BJandBillPodcast” on Facebook.

Thanks! See you next week…

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