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BJ and Bill The Podcast EP - 51


This week: Some memories, some current events. BJ talks about taking his daughter (years ago) to an N-Sync concert. Weird? Not when you hear the benefits he experienced when being at the show “live and in person.” 

Bill talks about his latest “retirement.” From radio? No, from his most recent side hustle gig in the food-delivery business. “The times, they are a-changing.” That leads to some talk about working in the current economic environment. Who’s doing it, and who’s not. How’s that going to work out? 

All this, and more, including BJ living vicariously through Bill’s dating life. As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and ESPECIALLY reviews! Those great reviews on your favorite podcast outlet are very much appreciated. Get in touch anytime! Email the show at:, or simply search for “BJandBillPodcast” on Facebook.

Thanks! See you next week…

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