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BJ and Bill The Podcast EP - 53


Wow… it’s been a YEAR of BJ and Bill – the Podcast! This is officially Episode 53, so the boys are into year 2. Break out the cute hats and party favors! BJ and Bill want to thank you so much for all your support, comments and reviews over the year. More fun to come! 

In this episode, there’s a lot of talk about relationships – both for BJ’s daughter and for Bill. Yes, BJ is living vacariously / romantically through all the relationships happening with his friends and family. As for BJ himself, he’s always been the “family man” of the show. 

There’s other talk of favorite fast-food restaurants, too. Did you know that somewhere, someone is keeping track of what the fav fast-food place is for every state? Hear what’s the most-preferred in your state – at least according to Google searches. 

All this and more. Remember, if you’d like, the boys would very, VERY much appreciate you adding your comments, suggestions, and ESPECIALLY reviews! Those great reviews on your favorite podcast outlet are very much appreciated. Get in touch anytime! Email the show at:, or simply search for “BJandBillPodcast” on Facebook.

Thanks! See you next week…

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