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BJ and Bill The Podcast EP - 76


No surprise here… a lot of football Big Game talk, analysis and more this week! And yes, there’s plenty of time left to get in both BJ and Bill’s opinions about the “Swiftie” thing. Is that a thing? How much do sports broadcasts “check in” on girlfriends, wives, and other significant others? Is it important? The boys have differing opinions, and aren’t afraid to share them.

Second (non-football) half of the show: Thoughts about the comedy business. BJ used to be a standup comic (among other things), and he’s had thoughts about getting back up on stage. With that in mind, the boys talk about an upcoming guest for the show, a former standup (and actor) himself. Who is it? Check out the show to find out. More guest appearances are coming!

After losing a Super Bowl bet, it’s now on Bill to buy lunch, and there’s talk of how and where that will happen. BJ tries to convince Bill on the goodness of cauliflower “chicken” wings. Have you tried them? Yay or nay? Seems Bill will be finding out…

Plant-based or not, BJ and Bill would definitely appreciate you whipping up a recipe of a good review of the show at your favorite podcast outlet. Also, the name of the show’s Facebook page has been updated. Search for “BJandBillTHEPodcast” now. (Capital letters not needed.)

See you next week!

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