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BJ and Bill The Podcast EP - 79


This week, plenty of the usual strangeness. A bit of a medical update from BJ, including the latest on his heart (of course). Seems that when BJ is making one of his regular visits to Tampa General, the nursing staff fights over who gets to take care of him. His words, folks, his words. Guess he’s just such a pleasure to be around! 

Lots more health-talk, including all the popular tests that BJ gets, and Bill does not. 

Finally, have you ever played “Worlde?” Apparently it’s a thing, even though the boys know nothing about it. 

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Have a great week. We’ve had a few requests for info about previous guests, so…

PS #1: You can check out what Marc Price is up to on his website. Surf over to

PS #2: For those interested in connecting with our “Intuitive Guidance Coach” Vicki Wagoner, she’s at  

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