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Blue Beetle & 10 Other Not Ready for Prime Time Super Hero Players invading the Marvel & DC Cinematic Universes!


For years now the producers of comic book film & TV adaptations have been following their own scripts, curating the future of their cinematic universes on the backs of Batman, Superman, Captain America, and any of the tried & true classic heroes of the medium. But the studio’s more deep-cut selections &/or the diverse NEW characters that they keep choosing for the adaptation process have not finished cooking! These 10 properties could use a bit more time in the comic book periodical incubator/oven…films & shows featuring the “Creature Commandoes”, “Booster Gold”, “Echo”, “Iron Heart”, “Agatha Harkness”, “Miss Marvel”, “America Chavez”, “Amanda Waller”, “The Amazons” and Carol Danvers’ “Captain Marvel” are all but destined to fail! Fans know this, but how long before the studios realize it?

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