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Corinne Foxx and Natalie McMillan, cheers to the uncertainty of adulthood. And by “cheers,” they are being quite literal. A glass of wine (or two) makes this life “how to” podcast feel more like casual, after-work drinks with your best friend than a lengthy lecture.

The Podcast Playground The Best YOU for 2022 January 7, 2022 1:29 PM More Episodes: The A.I. Report -AI-In-War-and-Advertising How is artificial intelligence aiding war in Ukraine? Russia’s AI setbacks Artificial Intelligence in Media and AdvertisingSee for privacy information…. Read more Published on: 2022-04-14 The A.I. Report – AI Wins Again Artificial intelligence has […]

A hilarious, practical, no-nonsense advice in podcast form! Listen for tips and techniques guaranteed to improve your daily life

An easy guide to free your home from clutter and learn to live an orderly and intentional lifestyle, clear your mind, and find peace.