Colin Jost talks about his wedding plans with fiance Scarlette Johansson and opens up about being head writer for SNL


Colin Jost Of ‘SNL’ Knows You’re Laughing At His ‘Very Punchable Face’ Listen to this episode of Backstage Pass with Colin Jost the top writer for SNL and the lucky guy that has Scarlett Johansson’s heart. Jost’s new memoir, A Very Punchable Face, describes his experiences growing up in a middle-class household on Staten Island. He talks about living in NYC in the midst of the pandemic and talks his days attending Harvard with Mark Zukerberg. Jost recalls being one of the first users on Facebook and opens up about how in most cases an Ivy League education is over rated.  Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost knows there’s something about his clean-cut image that rubs some people the wrong way. When he joined SNL as a writer in 2005, he worked off-camera — and didn’t have to think about his looks. Colin admits that his favorite sketch on SNL so far has been Drunk Uncle that he wrote for Bobby Moynihan.  In his new book, which is a NY Times best seller, Jost has a chapter about Donald Trumps appearance on SNL prior to him being elected President in November of 2015. Listen to the Podcast to find out what Jost said about our commander and chief.  Colin Jost may be best known for his role as the lead anchor for Weekend Update. He let us know that the crew will be back live at Rockefeller Plaza LIVE for Saturday Night again in late September. The newly engaged Colin Jost talks wedding bells and first dance song selection for his upcoming wedding with Scarlett Johansson.  To listen to more interviews with Gentry Thomas click HERE:          See for privacy information. See for privacy information.

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