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DAREDEVIL: What to READ to become a lifelong FAN on the "MAN WITHOUT FEAR"! (Feat. Kingpin! Bullseye! Punisher! Spider-man & more!)


Jesse Blaze Snider is The Coolest Geek Alive. This week Jesse lays out the greatness of the most quintessential chapters in DAREDEVIL’s long history! Including guidance on the evil Kingpin, Bullseye, Punisher and Echo stories as well. Save a link to this episode and you’ll be happily reading for many years to come! Write in with your reading experiences, did they suck?! Were they awesome?! Jesse wants to know! Email Jesse at and let him know how he’s doing! See ya next Saturday and join us on Wednesday for our regular show!


P.S. Don’t forget to go check out Jesse’s new book on “KING OF KINGS #1” on Kickstarter LIVE NOW!! Tell a friend about the podcast. Leave a comment and thanks for listening.

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