David Gergen opens up about his 3 decades in The White House


David Gergen perhaps is best known for his role serving as an adviser to four American presidents, Republicans and Democrats alike. He helped President Nixon write his resignation letter after Watergate, that now resides in the Smithsonian Institute. He assisted President Gerald Ford navigate out of inflation and saw President Reagan go from actor/cowboy to true leader in The Situation Room. During this podcast with Gergen, our host Gentry Thomas discusses our current President Joe Biden, how to attack inflation and his biggest moments while being a public servant. David Gergen fresh off his 80th Birthday just a couple weeks ago discussed his new book, Hearts Touched With Fire: How Great Leaders are Made. Gergen gave his perspective on how hardship can breed strong leaders, and the state of political leaders today. David has often been praised for his ability to see both sides and work across the isle. Some in politics call him the last reasonable American man. Hear his takes on Russia Ukraine and the moment in public service that has brought him the most joy. Subscribe and tell a friend to listen to Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas. For more great interviews go to

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