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Dem Vinyl Boyz EP 13 - Jagged Little Pill


On this week’s episode of Dem Vinyl Boyz we drop the needle on a 90’s record from a female. Alanis Morrisette sold more copies of Jagged Little Pill than Metallica’s Black album, Bruce Srpingsteen’s Born in the USA and Guns N Roses Apetite for Destruction. Madonna the co-founder Maverick Record’s label back in 1992, Her company signed a then relatively unknown 20-year-old Morissette. Just over a year later and her debut album for the label had been released and proved to be the smash record the label had envisioned. With total sales now in excess of 33 million units globally, the album not only cemented Morissette’s star status, but went 16x platinum in the US, became the best-selling debut album of all time and garnered the singer five out of the nine GRAMMY Awards she was nominated for in 1996, not to mention taking out the number one spot in a staggering 14 charts around the world. But this album is about so much more than just groundbreaking statistics—it’s a powerful album about personal experiences. Jagged Little Pill isn’t a rock record. It’s grungy discomfort set to the kinds of top 40 hooks and backing tracks one gets working a guy like Glen Ballard, who Morissette met in 1994 and quickly took a liking to.

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