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Dem Vinyl Boyz EP 14 - Even Worse


On this week’s episode of Dem Vinyl Boyz we drop the needle on a rare 80’s record from Alfred Matthew AKA “Weird Al Yankovic.” Even Worse was Yankovic’s fifth studio album and parodies Michael Jacksons ‘Bad’ album on the cover. His previous record ‘Polka Party’ was widely considered a commercial failure and was released to mixed but mostly negative reviews. Even Worse came and revitalized his career bringing mostly positive reviews and peaking at no. 27 on the billboard 200 while also becoming Al’s best selling album. Michael Jackson, who was actually a big fan of Yankovic’s work, bought copies of his music for his whole family even supporting Weird Al by letting him use the location set for ‘Bad’ for his parody ‘Fat’. The music video was credited with helping boost the success of “I’m Fat”. In fact, it set a whole new standard for parody artists because of the state-of-the-art special effects he used such as the fat suit Yankovic had designed for himself.
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