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Dem Vinyl Boyz EP 18 - In Utero


Dem Vinyl Boyz are back again and this week they’re dropping the needle on some 90s Vinyl from the legendary rock band Nirvana. ‘In Utero’ coming two years after their second studio album ‘Nevermind’ which went on to change music history selling over 30 million copies. Their third studio album was unfortunately Nirvana’s last, after lead singer Kurt Cobain tragically passed away after an alleged suicide. In Utero is contrarian rock, it’s meant to be everything Nevermind wasn’t and perhaps nothing illustrates that more clearly than the rough, dissonant chord that spearheads Serve the Servants. It’s not exactly a song I would call strenuous, but it’s abrasive and confrontational. The Vinyl Boyz listen to old interviews with Kurt Cobain which were few and far between due to his reclusive nature. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album and has been certified five-times platinum. It’s also a fixture on all sorts of best album lists even nearly 30 years later.

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