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Dem Vinyl Boyz EP 25 - Like a Virgin


Dem Vinyl Boyz are back again to listen to some classic 80s vinyl from legendary pop star Madonna. Her sophomore album ‘Like a Virgin’ dropped November 12th, 1984 and while making her a household name also came with a lot of controversy because of her overtly sexual lyrics and performances. The album sold over 21 million copies and is one of the best selling albums of all time, often regarded as the birth of pop as we know it today. Madonna went into ‘Like a Virgin’ wrestling Warner Bros. for more artistic control. After she had negative experiences working with Reggie Lucas, she wanted to have a bigger voice for the production of the album, and she found a winning collaborator in guitarist Nile Rodgers, who’d just worked on David Bowie’s Let’s Dance.
“Like a Virgin,” was Madonna’s first No. 1 pop hit. It’s here that she most explicitly tackles sexual politics and explores that whole virgin-whore thing so central to her image. The other is “Material Girl,” a winking gold-digger anthem that can be taken a couple of different ways. Though not as innovative as her debut, the album stands as one of the most definitive pop artifacts from the indulgent Reagan era. Thanks for tuning in and remember to like and subscribe !!

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