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Dem Vinyl Boyz EP 89 - Thelonious Monk - With John Coltrane


Join us on this episode of Dem Vinyl Boyz as we delve into the sublime jazz collaboration between Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. Recorded during their brief but historically significant stint together at New York’s Five Spot Café in 1957, this album captures a pivotal moment in jazz history. Notably, it is also one of basketball legend and cultural icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s favorite albums, a testament to its timeless influence and artistic depth.

In this session, we explore the synergy between Monk’s genius piano compositions and Coltrane’s saxophone virtuosity, which together create an unparalleled jazz experience. Tracks like “Ruby, My Dear” and “Epistrophy” not only highlight their individual talents but also their exceptional interplay, offering a masterclass in jazz improvisation and composition.

As we reflect on this historic album’s significance in jazz and its influence beyond, we invite you to appreciate the artistry that continues to inspire across generations and genres. Whether you’re a long-time jazz aficionado or a new listener drawn by Kareem’s recommendation, this episode offers a deep dive into a landmark recording that showcases two of jazz’s greatest figures at their best.

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