Collect Call With Suge Knight

Episode 4: Suge & Puff


On this episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight we get straight to business! Listen as Suge tells us about people who knew Pac would get shot in Las Vegas that fateful night & also exclusive stories about Puff/P Diddy! Certainly an episode you don’t wanna miss.

1:44 Feedback from Deion Sanders came in about Suge’s comments on Nick Cannon’s Daily Cannon radio show

5:30 the arrest of Keefe D

7:43 Suge addresses Snoop not being there when Pac got shot

9:03 Suge addresses a Warren G interview where he reveals Snoop had a special security radio at his house the night that Pac was shot

11:02 Suge addresses an interview where Daz says that Snoop did not want them to go to Vegas and also an interview where Bad Azz says Daz told him not to go to Vegas for the fight the night Pac was shot

14:09 Suge talks about Snoop doing a song with someone that allegedly was in the car with Keefe D when Pac got shot

16:13 Suge addresses the night that Pac was killed and the effects of the longstanding narrative that Suge had something to do with it

18:55 Suge exposes Steve Harvey for staging a “truce” in the “East Coast/West Coast” rivalry where Snoop and Puff appeared together on a February 1997 episode of “The Steve Harvey Show.”

20:40 Suge meets with Pac and he talks about what happened to him when he got shot in the lobby of Quad Studios in New York in November 1994

21:40 Suge addresses his infamous words on stage at The Source Awards on the night of August 3, 1995

23:31 Suge talks about Diddy beating Cassie and another woman

25:33 Suge talks about Puff being homosexual


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