FATHER KNOWS BEST: A Beginners Guide to DEE SNIDER’s Illustrious Career!


By Jesse Blaze SNIDER

I love my father! I am his biggest fan on this planet! I have studied his every move since I was a child and I am here to tell you, DEE SNIDER is one of the most incredibly consistent songwriters on this EARTH, and more and better than that even, he really MEANS what he has to say.

He proved that when he went to Washington to fight the PMRC. No one else on the “filthy fifteen” showed their face that day. Frank Zappa and Jon Denver were NEVER directly called out in the way that TWISTED SISTER and so many other bands were, but did ANY of those other bands show up that day? Nope. Guess who did? DEE FUCKING SNIDER.

If you’ve listened to my father’s music then you already know why. Dee Snider is a freedom fighter! Here to break your chains and connect you with the huge power within you! And he’s not doing this from under a rock, he’s bring that powerful, freeing, loving energy EVERY NIGHT ON STAGE and IN EVERY SONG HE HAS EVER WRITTEN!

For years, I’ve felt a LACK of appreciation for my father and his contributions, usually from people who simply don’t know what they’re talking about. But I thought, it’s up to me, it’s up to DEE SNIDER’s BIGGEST FAN to tell everyone else what they have been missing! And to share in my joy with all the people who already know what I DO!

Now, what I’m about to do, in order to help you get a handle on the prolific nature of DEE SNIDER the songwriter, is give you my favorite SONGS off my FAVORITE ALBUMS to give you the perfect place to begin your exploration of one of the greatest ROCK STARS who has EVER LIVED!

“YOU CAN’T STOP ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” off the album of the same name. This is quite simply my personal favorite song of all time. The super cool, tongue in cheek video for it still lights me up to this day. Twisted Sister was here to change the paradigm and empower the disenfranchised. I think it will be impossible for you to deny the pure empowering energy that comes through on this track when my father sings: “Like a charging bull, it’s a juggernaut, with speed at full, never to be caught. Incarnate power roaring for the sky, while others cower, rock ain’t gonna die! Now you can run and hide or YOU can LIGHT THE WAY! Lift up your hands in praise. You Can’t. Stop. Rock. N’ Roll.” You hear that? YOU can light the way. Thank you, Dad, I think we all need a little of that power.

The “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” album itself is probably about tied for first with the next offering on our list, and it’s because of the great consistency between tracks.  “I AM, I’M ME”, “WE’RE GONNA MAKE IT” and “THE KIDS ARE BACK” (Jackass 3D opening credits) are all spiritual continuations of “Can’t Stops” main message, but “YOU” RE NOT ALONE (SUZETTE’S SONG) and “RIDE TO LIVE, LIVE TO RIDE” provide some major thematic change, showing my father’s very deep and vulnerable heart and his great penchant for storytelling, especially through music.

If you want to start getting into the songwriting of DEE SNIDER start here, where he finally began to MAJORLY COME INTO HIS OWN and SHARPEN HIS MESSAGE down to a thin needle. “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” is timeless and in EUROPE they know that, because the label actually bothered to release a few singles from this album there. When you go overseas, they have a much better idea about my father and that’s because they were exposed to THIS album and even “UNDER THE BLADE” before “STAY HUNGRY” (TS’s biggest album) was even a thought.

“WAKE UP THE SLEEPING GIANT” is the opening track from one of my FAVORITE ALBUMS OF ALL TIME, “LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS”. Now, this album is just incredible, far as I am concerned there is not a single middle of the road tune on the record, but still it is kind of a strange one, sonically a BIG departure from what Twisted Sister was doing and there is a very good reason for that, it was NEVER MEANT to be a Twisted Sister album, it was SUPPOSED to be the very first DEE SNIDER SOLO ALBUM.

Personally, I do think if it had been released as a solo record it would have been much better received. I also strongly believe, that if they had led with “WAKE UP THE SLEEPING GIANT” as their first single, the feeling of the major departure in their sound, would not have been felt as hard, because this track is heavy as can be! The great JOE FRANCO joined the band on drums for this record and you can really hear a difference in the sound. The whole record is like a “pop metal” opus and the drums cleanly reinforce every songs message.

“Gather ’round us, join with the band. Together we’re stronger, together we’ll stand. Say what can you do, well, we’ve got a plan and we’re gonna take you to the promised land. It’s time to remember, its time to move on. They’ve pushed it to far, they don’t know what they’ve done. If it’s a fight that they want, then it’s a fight that they’ll get. We never lose honey, so place your bets!” The vocals on this song and this entire record are unbelievable. My father usually sounds good, but he sounds like a million bucks on every song.

I could literally just list the other songs on the album in order and just say go listen, but if you want to bounce around starting with some of the best?  “ONE BAD HABIT”, “I WANT THIS NIGHT (TO LAST FOREVER)”, “TONIGHT”, “YOU ARE ALL THAT I NEED”, “ME & THE BOYS”, and if you can find the version of the album with bonus tracks, “STATUTORY DATE” is about him pursuing my mom, when she was underage at the time. Fucking funny, that a song like that even exists and it’s AWESOME.

This entire album is awesome truly and if you can melt into “Wake Up the Sleeping Giant” just let that album keep a rolling, and you’ll be glad you did.

“PROTECT & SERVE” is one of the greatest and most meaningful songs my father has ever written, off what is probably one of his most meaningful album, which few people have heard, my father’s 90’s Metal Band, WIDOWMAKER and there second and final album, “STANDBY FOR PAIN”.

“Protect & Serve” is my father doing what he does best, keeping people honest. Speaking the truth in a powerful way. It’s about corruption in the police department and how truly tragic that is: “Pray for our protectors may God keep them strong. Their purpose is noble, protect us from wrong. Remember that honor and duty are ONE. There’s MORE to a COP than a BADGE and a GUN.” Amen, dad. Amen.

This album is filled with powerful 90’s metal “LONG GONE”, “KILLING TIME”, “READY TO FALL”, “JUST BUSINESS” and occasionally something a little more of a throwback to the 80’s like a good friend of mine’s personal favorite “THE IRON ROAD”. And I’ve always had a soft spot for the closing track here, “ALL THINGS MUST CHANGE”.

This was a very difficult period of my father’s life and he took all that pain and he put it into some incredible music, it’s a shame that this project never went further, it was really the perfect sound for rock radio at the time, but they never got any support as so many bands don’t sometimes. Please, if you’re into 90’s metal, make sure you give “STAND BY FOR PAIN” some of your time.

“INCONCLUSION” from the DEE SNIDER’S STRANGELAND SOUNDTRACK! This track is so good! And it shows my father’s dynamic nature. Not everyone knows that this was originally supposed to be a TOOL song, but due to the legal woes the band was going through at the time, we couldn’t get the rights to the song we wanted.

So, my father got in the studio and wrote a little musical love letter to one of his favorite modern bands and turned out one of his finest works to date: “I’ve died a thousands times, drowned in a sea of lies, walked every path, through every door. Oh, how I’ve suffered through, the wicked men can do, but pray they can’t endure, the things we have in store.” Moody and cool as hell.

Now, this album is not a traditional album but it does include ONE other Dee Snider penned song, recorded with Twisted Sister no less and it is another GREAT ONE. Seek out “Heroes Are Hard to Find” and if you can get a hold of the whole soundtrack, enjoy the hell out of it, we worked hard to make that thing the greatest metal mixtape ever, with originals from Pantera, Anthrax, System of a Down and tons more. Killer soundtrack, from my dad’s creepy fucking movie, check that out too.

“S.M.F.” from the album most of you have been waiting for “STAY HUNGRY”! A killer marquee for my father, absolutely, but this is not the be all end all of Mr. Dee Snider so I wanted to make sure we spoke on a few of the underappreciated jems, before we got to the appreciated ones.

Twisted Sister had THREE hit songs off this record, “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT”, “I WANNA ROCK” and “THE PRICE”, but so much more of it has fortunately come to be appreciated, like “BURN IN HELL” (Pee Wee’s Big Adventure) and the title track “STAY HUNGRY” which was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book. All great songs, but my favorite track from this record, especially LIVE, has always been “S.M.F.”

“Black sheep of the family. Nothing like the rest. Separate from the others. Failing all their tests. – They think you’re so foolish, living for today. Caring just what you think and NOT what others SAY.” Powerful stuff from the man dedicated to leading us to personal freedom.

This album is pretty quintessential and I doubt too many would fuss over that. This is the record that my father is largely appreciated for and at the same time judged for. It’s my hope that this little love letter to my old man, might help balance some of that awareness and give some of you a more full picture of the multifaceted artist, Dee Snider really is.

“LIES ARE A BUSINESS” the opening track on the Jamie Jasta produced “DEE SNIDER” solo album, FOR THE LOVE OF METAL. Now, Jamie co-wrote these songs with a ton of talented contemporaries. This was really tough for me listening to them for the first time. I LOVE my father’s song writing. This article this list is about my appreciation of him as a SONG WRITER and how he’s not appreciated enough for his great skill at it. So, at first I admit, there was a part of me that hated this album. But when I came around to listen to it in updating this article for 2024, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I actually really LOVE this album and feel that Jamie Jasta in his own way did a great honor to my father both as a vocalist and song writer in the way he homaged my father through this albums compositions.

Jamie attempted to contemporize the lyrics & energy that WAS the hallmark of a Dee Snider penned song and I believe he handily achieved that goal. I’m not sure my father’s voice has EVER sounds so good on some of these tracks, they make you wanna sing along and try to make the same sounds with your voice cause it all sounds so cool. Well, maybe not EVERY song has quite that quality, but MOST of them impressively do. Impressive is really the word. This album makes my father out to be the vocal powerhouse that he is, with a much simplified version of his personally empowering message of never give up, no matter what.

So, I decide based on all the above that it deserved a spot on this list, because my father’s energy is STILL on display, just as “channeled” by the GREAT Jamie Jasta. Shout out to Jamie, we go way back to my first TV gig at MTV when he was hosting Headbangers Ball. Jamie, always thought you were an awesome and genuine man and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such great justice to my father’s legacy with this fucking AWESOME album! (Technically, “Top 5” on my list if you discount the Strangeland Soundtrack, but that does have FOUR TRACKS on it actually written by the man, all chosen in support of a film based on one of those songs, so I still say it counts. But #6 is cooler number than #5 anyway. Fuck 5, 6 is kinky.)

Great job, Jamie! The opening FOUR tracks on this record are CLUTCH: “Lies Are A Business”, “Tomorrow’s No Concern”, “I Am the Hurricane” and “American Made”! Dad’s voice sounds IN-SANE on all these tracks! My father once lamented having not written songs that better showcased his HUGE vocal RANGE! He can sing Zeppelin “full-voiced” easily, to THIS DAY! Well, it is NOT a problem on THIS album, Jamie Jasta showcase Dee Snider’s vocal range and it is IMPRESSIVE! “I’m Ready”, “Running Mazes”, “Mask”, “The Hardest Way” and title track “For the Love of Metal” are my other personal favorites, but the record is solid. Give it a listen. Especially if you’re a true heavy metal head.swdecd

NEVER GORW UP NOW” & “DESTROYER” (TIE) from TS’s very first album, UNDER THE BLADE. This record is filled with some great heavy metal tunes, as well as the beginnings of my father’s future ANTHEM writing.

“I’ll Never Grow Up Now” is “We’re Not Gonna Take It” a decade earlier, but from the perspective of a kid. MY father would grow more and more comfortable in his own personal power and continue to improve on the empowering, carefree formula, which he created here. This was the beginning on DEE SNIDER prolific songwriter, as far as I am concerned. This song captured that special DEE empowerment MAGIC for the very first time in a catchy anthem you’ll be singing long after it’s over.

“They say: You better stop your dreamin’, you’re going nowhere fast. What if we throw you out. How long you think you’ll last? You think that life’s a free ride? Well take a tip from me, we’re gonna end your party, with some responsibility. Well, I SAY: I’ll never grow up! I’ll never grooow up! I’ll never grow up…NOW! And I’ll say again!” And because of this song, I never have grown up, not one little bit. Thank you, dad. Feels good to tell everyone how awesome I think you are!

Next up, “The Destroyer” is one of those great storyteller songs my dad likes to write every now and again. The Dee-mon (As he’s know round the house sometimes) has a real fondness for comic books and he has taken a few cracks at some JACK KIRBY-level craziness contained within a song and this one is probably my favorite.

y will come, you’ll be drawn into the center of your town. And come upon a mass of steel that cracks the very ground. Prepare to meet you judge, don’t think to run away. Just pray your face hold no disgrace for the deadly ace…DESTROYER! DESTROYER! Destroyer, he’s in town. You better stay out of his fucking way. He’s gonna kick your ass.” And he totally kicked mine!

The UNDER THE BLADE record is filled with other great stuff including my favorites, “BAD BOYS OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL”, “SHOOT ‘EM DOWN”, “UNDER THE BLADE”, “TEAR IT LOOSE” and “WHAT YOU DON”T KNOW (SURE CAN HURT YOU)” which is the song TWISTED SISTER opened EVERY CONCERT with for a very long time. That song was actually written to the stage lighting that my father wished to have reveal the band on stage every night, so the audience would get a chance to hear them play, BEFORE they saw what the band LOOKED like.

Anyway, true metal heads already KNOW what you will find out when you throw this album on your player. ENJOY IT.

“WE ARE THE DEAD” from WIDOWMAKER’s first album “BLOOD & BULLETS” is one of my favorite songs my father has ever written. A song about the obvious stupidity we are being led to by elected officials and how if we’re not careful we’re gonna have to pay for what they’ve done in our name.

“We are the dead” the ones who will be DEAD if we don’t stop this world from running away with itself. This song fires me the fuck up every time I hear it. It’s the last track on this first record and damned if it didn’t put a little bug in my belly for more!

“We’re so tired of your way of living, you’re selfish and cruel, you break nature’s rules. Always take, you’re never giving, now we’re gonna lose for your ingratitude. Well, take a look in the mirror and see just what we’ve become, could our END be any CLEARER? One Chance. Once Choice. We are the Dead.” Love that one.

This whole album is really strong, though a bit of a cross between 80s and 90s metal, tracks your not gonna wanna skip include, “THE WIDOWMAKER”, “EVIL”, “BLOOD AND BULLETS (PISSIN’ AGAINST THE WIND)”, “GONE BAD”, “REASON TO KILL”, “SNOT NOSE KID”, the whole record is pretty darn solid. Just hit play and enjoy to the end.

“CRY LITTLE SISTER” off my father’s HALLOWEEN METAL ORCHESTRA PROJECT, “VAN HELSING’S CURSE”! This was such a cool project, which never found its legs. It was meant to be essentially a much heavier version of the Tran Siberian Orchestra, but for Halloween!

The music produced for this record by JOE FRANCO and AL PITRELLI is mind blowingly powerful! There are very few traditional “songs” on the album, though each metal arrangement is brilliant in its own right and often pulls from classic metal bands like BLACK SABBATH and classic horror film scores like HALLOWEEN and THE EXORCIST. However, at a certain point they decided to add one track with vocals by the man himself, a cover of “CRY LITTLE SISTER” from THE LOST BOYS soundtrack that quite simple makes the original composition sound like COMPLETE DOGSHIT.

Truly, I only appreciate cover songs that can rival their origins and this one does in the biggest way possible! What a voice that DEE SNIDER has! Plus, huge backing vocals by our great friend Militia Vox! Seriously, go seek out this one track and download the rest to be your soundtrack for Halloween next year, the Snider Family still uses it to this day, spooky, cool and metal as all hell. Enjoy.

“BE CHROOL TO YOUR SCUEL” off of the “COME OUT AND PLAY” album, which was a bit of a low point in Twisted Sister’s career, but those who ignored the first single and just bought the album were in for a very HEAVY TREAT.

Coolest thing about “Be Chrool” is it is a DUET between my father and one of HIS greatest HEROES, ALICE COOPER! The music video started them BOTH in a rundown High School surrounded by ZOMBIES! With special effects from special effect make-up legend, TOM SAVINI!

This video and song are Twisted Sister doing what they do best, empowering our youth with the strength to say, “NO. We deserve better than this.”

“Now there must be a better way to educate, cause this way ain’t working like it should. Can’t they just invent a pill or frozen concentrate, that makes you smarter and taste hmm…so good!”

There’s plenty worth rocking to on this very heavy record, their first single off the record, “Leader of the Pack” was a cover song and hardly representative of the very heavy album. Songs like “THE FIRE STILL BURNS”, “KILL OR BE KILLED” and the title track, “COME OUT AND PLAY” are some of the HEAVIEST SONG Twisted Sister EVER recorded.

“CALLING FOR YOU” from DESPERADO’s lone album, ACE. It’s a shame this project didn’t have some room to breathe. It’s less heavy, more melodic, but hyper moody kinda western rock music. It really is an interesting sound and with the help of the great BERNIE TORME and CLIVE BURR from IRON MAIDEN, this project really looked like it would take off for my father after Twisted Sister had called it quits. But alas, it was not meant to be.

And the world really lost something here, because what we have is the beginnings of a really unique music project, that was already great and I truly believe would have only improved with time. The song “Calling For You” is one of the most touching my father has ever written and the general level on lyricism on this record is above and beyond what he had ever done with Twisted Sister.

This song and the whole album really go a long way to show you the great DEPTH contained within the artist you know for dressing up in make-up! Don’t be fooled by the glitz. DEE stands for DEEP.

Controversy breeds beautiful art and this entire album is no exception. P.S, Did I mention, once again, the DEE-MON’s PIPES are insane on this record! Vocals to aspire to, DESPERADO and DEE SNIDER will show you how to craft a unique quality rock album. Too bad we only got the one.

“OH, COME OH YE FAITHFUL” from TWISTED CHRISTMAS! This record is sonically very frustrating to me. It’s VERY rough around the edges thanks to a hard-hitting production team who refused to lighten anything up, BUT the conceptual approached to EVERY SINGLE TRACK on this record is INCREDIBLE! Like “Oh Come Oh Ye Faithful” set perfectly to TS’s biggest hit “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT” which it was TOTALLY INSPIRED BY!

My father was a choir kid and he grew up singing that song in choir! And BOY does it ever Line up PERFECTLY with the rocking vibe of “We’re Not Gonna Take It”! It was amazing getting to see this song performed live as a rousing celbrational Christmas song on the Twisted Christmas tour, which I actually got to open for them on a number of those tour dates with my old band, Baptized By Fire. It was a total honor! This show was just so fun and lighthearted.

The record is littered with incredible interpretations of classic Christmas songs, including an AC/DC style version of “SILVER BELLS”, a bait & switch “HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS” opener that turns into killer Ramones-style x-mas rocker or the silly little closing number, “HEAVY METAL CHRISTMAS” which is a parody of the “12 Days”. There’s a great duet with Lita Ford and ton of other Christmas songs you will be sure to know. I highly recommend giving it a listen, it is in PERMANENT Christmas music rotation for all of my children and sure they’re biased, but this came out years ago now, but they’ll never forget it and you won’t either.

“MACK THE KNIFE” off DEE DOES BROADWAY! What cool tune this is originally and what an amazing rendition this ends up being. There’s another bait & switch opening like on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on the Twisted Christmas record, but again its these interesting and sometimes cutesy arrangements that made me decide to add them to the list, because these album contain soooo much creativity FROM Dee Snider despite the fact that he didn’t write any of the songs in this case. But they are all not quite like themselves in all sorts of wonderful way.

Of course, you’ll be most compelled and satisfied by this record if you are a fan of broadway as my father very much IS! He’s so funny, he likes METAL and Showtunes,  and makes fun of me for liking Genesis. You can’t beat it. This record was originally supposed to be a full collaboration with Alice Cooper, but dude flaked last minute got cold feet. Didn’t wanna admit to liking show tunes in such a public way. LOL. It hasn’t seemed to of hurt my father, really the record is fabulous.

Covers like “THE BALLAD OF SWEENEY TODD” & “RAZZLE DAZZLE” are some of my other favorites, but there’s also a ton of guest stars (Including myself!) worth tuning in for, but just take a glance at the track list and if you see an old standard you’ve always loved, I’m sure this “Heavy Metal” version will hold undiscovered riches for you!

“SO WHAT?” from my father’s previous solo album, “WE ARE THE ONES”. This record was a bit of a departure for my father soundwise and I must admit I initially didn’t love it, but songs like “SO WHAT?” quickly brought me around upon multiple listens.

I was so proud that my father and brother went and stood with the Cherokee Nation to fight the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. My brother Cody and his crew were TARGETED, tear-gassed and shot by rubber bullets while trying to film the video for “So What?” they knew it might be dangerous, but they also knew it was the right thing to do. So proud of my family.

This song means so much and the video is powerful as hell.

The rest of the album is quite good too, just took me a second to adjust to the sound, but there is a great cover of “HEAD LIKE A HOLE” and even more incredible ACOUSTIC VERSION of “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT” which is truly moving and a ton of fun originals like “RULE THE WORLD”, “WE ARE THE ONES” and my other favorite from the record, “CRAZY FOR NOTHING”!

“HARDCORE (LEMMY’S SONG)” from “NEVER LET THE BASTARDS WEAR YOU DOWN” which is a collection of cutting room floor songs that my father had lying around. He literally went through everything he had and just pulled out the things he really liked that never got finished and he made us this. Because of the nature of the record it can’t hope to compete with the other albums on this list, but EVEN STILL there some great gems on here to be found!

Lemmy Kilmister is a family friend and some one who my father holds at least partially responsible for the success of Twisted Sister. In that light, my father wrote a loving tribute to his friend and mentor, “Hardcore (Lemmy’s Song)” its as straight ahead MOTORHEAD as you can get, as sung by Mr. Dee Snider and everytime I hear it, I can feel the great love my father has for the man. Miss ya, Uncle Lemmy, thank you for all the great music!

“The power chord is all he needs, kill or be killed his only creed. While death is certain, life is NOT, so he always strikes while the iron is hot. –It’s him against them all, he’s HARDCORE!” Fun little Motorhead tribute, check it out.

And while you got this one qued up listen to a killer cover of “THE WANDERER” and a bunch of great SNIDER/TORME tracks that didn’t make the Desperado albums. All good stuff, but please don’t start your DEE SNIDER musical journey HERE, start from the top.

So…what are we missing?!

Well, there’s a few Twisted Sister “Club Days” records that contain a few gems like “LADY’S BOY”, “HIGH STEPPIN’” & “ROCK ’N’ ROLL SAVIORS” off club days #1 and “NEVER SAY NEVER” & “BLASTIN’ FAST & LOUD” off club days #2.

Plus, there’s tons of great LIVE recordings, including some recordings of my father’s famous stage rants that he became known for, where he would invariably call out the audience on one level or another to get more interaction and participations with them. Dee Snider ALWAYS won this exchange and that is why his is one of the great rock ’n’ roll frontmen who has ever lived. If you enjoy LIVE performance recording Twisted Sister has plenty worth seeking out, as well as on camera live performances.

Additionally, there are a few great cover songs you can find from Twisted Sister, covers that they played often throughout their careers and covers that were almost unrecognizable to their originators. Mick Jagger said he didn’t know it was the same song when here, TS’ cover of “It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll”. There cover of “Let the Good Times Roll” is an equal departure from its origins. You may also find some slightly closer to the original versions of “Jailhouse Rock” & “Born to be Wild” that I quite enjoy. Twisted Sister definitely makes their cover songs their own.

BUT, if you really want to know the depth of my father’s song writing ability, you must hear his most famous song, that no one knows he wrote, CELINE DION’s “GOD BLESS US EVERYONE”. You may have heard it before not knowing it is a DEE SNIDER ORIGINAL. He wrote it for my mom for Christmas one year. It could be his greatest composition, but I don’t know, you tell me.

You can also check out a Dee Snider sung version of “God Bless Us Everyone” with LIZZY HALE, which is quite EPIC & EXCELLENT! Good on you dad for giving this a shot and writing my mother a Christmas song that will remain one of my ALL-TIME favorites for long to come! “Oh and God, bless us everyone! The good & the bad, the happy the sad! Oh and God, bless us everyone! Here’s to family & friends its good to be here again!”

Thank you for taking the time to get into one of my favorite artists and people on the planet, the great DEE SNIDER. I chose NOT to include the latest Jamie Jasta/Dee Snider metal-homage offering, “LEAVE A SCAR” on this list, because I’ve not had long enough to sit with it & am still having mixed feelings about whether this attempted homage does as much justice to my father as Jamie’s first attempt.

That omission aside, I guess the point I’m trying to make here is, DEE FUCKING SNIDER has been consistently BRILLIANT for the better part of FOUR DECADES now! Just thought I’d help catch some of you up, so maybe I never have to hear any of this “one hit wonder” nonsense EVER AGAIN. LOL.

DEE SNIDER is a ROCK GOD because he backs up what he says. And no one will ever be able to take that away from him. I’m proud of you dad. Thank you for all the music and inspiration.

(Writer’s Note: My father turns 69 years old this FRIDAY, MARCH 15th 2024 be sure to wish him a “Happy Birthday” on social media. On Twitter he is @DeeSnider! Thank you. – JBS)

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