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Gift Of Life - The Organ Transplant Podcast - Episode 07


🌟 Exciting Episode Alert! 🎙️ Tune in to Episode 7 of “Gift of Life: The Organ Transplant Podcast” where we have an incredible story to share with you!


🌟 In this episode, we are thrilled to have Jennienne sharing her journey with us. At just 17 years old, she went on dialysis, and after 12 long years, her life changed when her brother became her first lifesaving donor. Life took a positive turn, but after 11 years, her kidneys started failing once again.


🎁 But wait, the story doesn’t stop there! Jennienne’s loving husband stepped in and selflessly became her second donor. Their love and support have been unwavering, and they continue their journey together.


⛓️ Now, brace yourselves for the next twist in this remarkable tale: a third transplant was needed, making things even more complex. However, the miracle of a donor chain, also known as a daisy chain, came into play. 


🌺 The gift of life continued to shine on Jennienne as her new kidney, from donor number three, is thriving and working effectively till this very day.


👂 Don’t miss out on this inspiring episode filled with resilience, love, and the power of organ donation. Tune in now to learn about Jennienne’s incredible journey and be amazed by the strength of the human spirit!🎧 If you would like to share your own story or get in touch, please feel free to contact us at Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at Gift of Life – The Organ Transplant Podcast. And as always, we appreciate your support – so please remember to subscribe and leave a review on your preferred podcast platform. Thank you for joining us on this journey of hope and healing.


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