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Gift of Life - The Organ Transplant Podcast - Episode 10

Welcome to *Gift of Life – The Organ Transplant Podcast*  episode 10 with your host, BJ Odom a double organ transplant recipient. This episode features Adrian Marshall, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with significant experience in healthcare and involvement with the HCA Florida Largo Hospital Transplant Center.
Adrian Marshall shares insights from her 12 years of experience at the forefront of organ transplantation, focusing on the importance of mental health, caregiving, the unique nature of transplant surgery, fostering connections between donor families and recipients, and demystifying television portrayals versus real-life scenarios in hospital transplants.
Listen in as we talk about:
1. **Mental Health in Transplantation:** The critical role mental health plays in the transplant process.
2. **Caregivers:** Understanding the vital support caregivers provide to transplant patients.
3. **Transplant Surgery:** Exploring how organ transplant surgeries differ from other major procedures.
4. **Donor-Recipient Connections:** The emotional bridge between donor families and transplant recipients.
5. **Reality vs. TV Dramas:** Contrasting the reality of hospital transplants with popular media depictions.
Highlighting the groundbreaking work of the HCA Florida Largo Hospital Transplant Center, known for its pioneering kidney and liver transplant programs, as well as LVAD treatments for heart failure patients, culminating in their first heart transplant in 2019.
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Don’t miss this engaging and informative episode covering the heart of transplant care and the impactful work of healthcare professionals in the field.
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