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Gift of Life - The Organ Transplant Podcast Episode 11


Join us on a heartwarming journey in this week’s episode of Gift of Life – the Organ Transplant Podcast, as we delve into the incredible story of Lisa Donahey’s selfless act that changed lives forever.


It all started with a single Facebook post that caught Lisa’s eye, leading her to commit to donating a kidney to a family acquaintance in need. Feeling a deep sense of guidance from God, Lisa embarked on a remarkable journey of compassion and sacrifice.


Through the podcast, we uncover the challenges and triumphs that Lisa faced along the way. From the initial decision to contact Dr. Gene Serra, the recipient, to navigating the complex world of organ transplants, every step was met with unwavering support from her devoted family.


Despite some friends struggling to comprehend her choice, Lisa remained steadfast in her decision. The process was riddled with obstacles, from finding a hospital willing to perform the surgery to addressing her own medical concerns. Yet through it all, Lisa’s determination and belief in her calling never wavered.


As we reflect on this inspiring tale, we invite our listeners to share their own stories with us at and connect with us on Facebook at Gift of Life – The Organ Transplant Podcast. And if you’ve been touched by our journey, we’d be grateful for a 5-star review on your preferred podcast platform.


Join us and witness the extraordinary power of generosity and human connection in this remarkable episode of Gift of Life – the Organ Transplant Podcast

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