Gut Punched: Alzheimer’s and Caregivers EP 12


In Episode 12 of Gut Punched: Alzheimer’s & Caregivers, the focus shifts to the profound impact of changes in personality and behavior associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Building upon the previous episode, Host Jeff Edwards delves deeper into this challenging aspect of caregiving, providing insights, strategies, and empathy for those navigating through it.

Part 2 of this discussion explores the complexities of managing alterations in personality and behavior in Alzheimer’s patients. Through expert interviews, personal anecdotes, and practical advice, listeners gain a deeper understanding of how to cope with these changes while maintaining compassion and dignity for their loved ones.

In a compelling “In The News” segment, the podcast covers the latest developments in Alzheimer’s research. Highlighting the efforts of researchers striving to find a cure, the hosts share updates on promising breakthroughs, clinical trials, and innovative approaches in the fight against this debilitating disease.

Shifting gears to the entertainment world, Gut Punched brings listeners a captivating story about Jay Leno and his wife Mavis. The hosts explore Jay Leno’s recent decision to seek a conservatorship for his wife, shedding light on the emotional and legal complexities involved in caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s. 

Throughout the episode, listeners are provided with links and information to access support resources for caregivers. From online forums and support groups to local services and helplines, the hosts aim to empower caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the Alzheimer’s journey with resilience and compassion.

Episode 12 of Gut Punched: Alzheimer’s & Caregivers serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for caregivers, offering invaluable insights, support, and resources to help them navigate the turbulent waters of Alzheimer’s disease with strength and grace.


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