Gut Punched: Alzheimer’s and Caregivers EP 17


In this deeply moving episode of GutPunched, host Jeff Edwards explores the profound impact 

of FDA-approved drugs on Alzheimer’s sufferers and their caregivers. With a compassionate 

lens, Jeff shares intimate stories from those navigating the complexities of the disease firsthand. 

The wife spends 18 months in a drug trial at NRPC burden in clinical trials for Dun-Nah-Nah-

Mab embodies the power of husband and wife HOPE  as they continue to search for ways to ease the illness. 

Their resilience echoes the two vital rules Jeff discusses: first, the importance of self-care because a caregiver’s well-being is crucial for their loved one’s quality of life; and second, the 

the necessity of seeking support—

whether through caregiver groups, networks of friends, or family—to share the load. Through 

heartfelt interviews, listeners witness the dedication and optimism driving these individuals 

forward, demonstrating how hope and community are essential in the fight against Alzheimer’s. 

Join us as we honor the courage and determination of those affected by Alzheimer’s, and uncover 

the transformative impact of solidarity and hope in their journey.

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