Hilary Swank talks a new movie Ordinary Angles now in theaters


Prepare for an extraordinary journey into the world of cinema with the talented Hilary Swank on this thrilling episode of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas. Join Gentry, as he sits down with the two-time Academy Award-winning actress to discuss her latest cinematic endeavor, “Ordinary Angels,” now captivating audiences in theaters.

In this episode, Hilary Swank opens up about her role in “Ordinary Angels,” a film that promises to be as inspiring as it is groundbreaking. Swank delves into the depth and complexity of her character, sharing the emotional and physical preparation involved in bringing this role to life. Explore the compelling story that “Ordinary Angels” tells, shedding light on the themes of resilience, hope, and the human spirit’s indomitable will.

Hilary Swank takes us behind the scenes of “Ordinary Angels,” offering an exclusive glimpse into the making of this anticipated film. From the challenges faced during production to the profound moments on set, Swank provides insight into the dedication and passion that fuel the creation of cinematic art.

The conversation then journeys through Swank’s illustrious career, from her breakout role in “Boys Don’t Cry” to her unforgettable performance in “Million Dollar Baby.” Swank reflects on the evolution of her career, the choices that have defined her path in Hollywood, and the impact of her work on audiences and the industry alike.

But this episode isn’t just a look back at Swank’s career achievements. She also shares her views on the current state of the film industry, the importance of storytelling in today’s world, and her ongoing commitment to challenging roles that spark conversation and change.

Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas invites you to join us for an intimate and revealing conversation with Hilary Swank as we delve into the heart of her new movie, “Ordinary Angels.” Don’t miss this enlightening and engaging episode as we explore the passion, dedication, and talent behind Hilary Swank’s latest project and her remarkable career in the world of film.

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