Jackie the Joke Man Talks Stern Show and New Documentary


Gentry Thomas sits down with the legendary comedian and radio personality, Jackie the Joke Man.

Jackie the Joke Man, born Jackie Martling on February 14, 1948, has had a remarkable career in the world of comedy. He gained widespread fame as the head writer and on-air personality on “The Howard Stern Show” from 1983 to 2001, where he became known for his quick wit, rapid-fire delivery, and uncanny ability to deliver a punchline.

Throughout his career, Jackie the Joke Man has been a comedy trailblazer, entertaining audiences with his unique style of humor. He has performed on countless stages across the United States, leaving audiences in stitches with his clever one-liners and hilarious anecdotes. Jackie’s jokes cover a wide range of topics, often relying on wordplay and unexpected twists to deliver his punchlines.

In addition to his work on “The Howard Stern Show,” Jackie has released several successful comedy albums, including “The Joke Man: Bow to Stern” and “Hot Dogs and Donuts.” His comedic talent has also been showcased on television shows such as “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and “The Late Show with David Letterman,” where he left audiences laughing out loud.

Recently, Jackie the Joke Man has delved into the world of documentaries with his latest project, “Joke Man,” available exclusively on Apple TV. This compelling documentary takes an intimate look at Jackie’s life and career, offering viewers a backstage pass into his journey as a comedian and radio personality. From his early beginnings in comedy clubs to his rise to fame on “The Howard Stern Show,” the documentary provides a captivating exploration of Jackie’s unique brand of humor and the impact he has had on the comedy industry.

Join Gentry Thomas as he dives deep into the world of comedy with Jackie the Joke Man in this exciting episode. Get ready for an engaging conversation filled with laughter, insights, and behind-the-scenes stories from one of comedy’s most beloved figures. 

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