Jeff Foxworthy talks about 'The Good Old Days' new Netflix comedy special with Gentry Thomas


Today on Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas we are visited by actor, writer, producer, and legendary comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Jeff has a new special called The Good Old Days which is available now to watch on Netflix. The special talks about whether or not if the good old days were really even the good old days and compares modern day life to when rotary phones ruled the land. Jeff and Gentry also talk Georgia sports and how recently they’ve been on fire. Jeff was especially excited to talk about his Georgia Bull-Dawgs who recently won the Natty against Alabama. The Georgia native talks about how coming back to comedy after the covid-19 quarantine actually made him nervous like it was his first time performing. He also talks about how much not only comedy but the world has changed since his first stand up gig. Jeff tells an especially risqué story about how while trying to find a good Italian place it led him down a dangerous path on the internet. Jeff and Gentry talk about rednecks, technology, sports and so much more on todays episode of backstage pass, make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes. 

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