Jim Belushi States Medical Marijuana Could've Saved his Late Brother


In this episode, we sit down with American actor Jim Belushi to discuss his latest show, “Growing Belushi.” Jim takes us behind the scenes of his new reality series, which follows his adventures as he runs a cannabis farm in Oregon. He shares his passion for the plant and its healing properties, as well as the challenges and rewards of being a cannabis farmer.

But that’s not all! Jim also reflects on his acting career, which spans over three decades and includes iconic roles in movies such as “The Blues Brothers,” “About Last Night,” and “K-9.” He shares insights on the craft of acting, the challenges of Hollywood, and the importance of staying true to yourself. He even shares some not-so-great memories of working with actor Tom Hanks, whom Jim considers a bit of a douche.

Of course, no conversation with Jim would be complete without mentioning his late brother, John Belushi. Jim shares fond memories of his brother and the impact he had on his life and career. He also opens up about the difficult times following John’s untimely death and how he found healing through music and comedy. Jim even suggests that his late brother could have possibly been saved if marijuana had been legal at the time of his death.

Whether you’re a fan of Jim’s acting, his passion for cannabis, or just looking for insights on life and creativity, this episode has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and join us for a fascinating conversation with one of America’s most beloved actors.

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