Joey McIntyre talks New Kids On The Block and clears rumors from the 80s


Welcome to “Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas,” the captivating internet interview show that delves deep into the lives and careers of iconic personalities. In this episode, our esteemed host, Gentry Thomas, sits down with the renowned Joey McIntyre, a former member of the legendary boy band New Kids on the Block. Join us as we uncover fascinating insights about Joey’s journey, address lingering rumors from the ’80s, and explore his music creation process.

Gentry Thomas creates a welcoming atmosphere as he engages Joey McIntyre in a candid discussion about his experiences with New Kids on the Block. Addressing long-standing rumors, Joey sets the record straight and provides an authentic account of his time in the band during the ’80s.

We explore Joey’s current endeavors, particularly his highly anticipated solo Joe World Tour. Viewers are treated to exclusive details about the upcoming tour, and Joey shares fascinating anecdotes about his interactions with fans, offering a unique glimpse into the artist-fan relationship.

Gentry broaches the subject of conflicts that may have arisen between Joey and his bandmates during the height of their success. With openness and introspection, Joey reflects on the dynamics within the group, providing an honest and vulnerable perspective on the challenges they faced.

Join us on “Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas” for an intimate and revealing interview with Joey McIntyre. This episode offers a remarkable opportunity to delve into Joey’s past, gain insights into his creative process, and explore the personal and professional experiences that have shaped his career. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable conversation that delves into the world of music, memories, and the realities of life in the spotlight.

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