Jon Voight goes Backstage with Gentry Thomas to talk Hollywood, The Bible and women he's been friendly with


Step into the extraordinary world of Jon Voight, where artistry, faith, and a cinematic legacy converge on this episode of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas. Your host, Gentry Thomas, delves into the rich tapestry of Jon Voight’s life, featuring exclusive insights into his iconic roles, spiritual journey, and his latest cinematic endeavor, “The Painter.”

In this episode, Jon Voight opens up about the timeless classic “Midnight Cowboy,” a film that earned him critical acclaim and forever etched his name in Hollywood history. Explore the behind-the-scenes anecdotes, challenges, and triumphs that shaped this cinematic masterpiece.

Venture into the actor’s profound connection with Christianity, as Jon Voight shares the role of faith in his life and career. Gain a deeper understanding of his spiritual journey and how it has influenced both his personal beliefs and the choices he makes as an artist.

The conversation takes an insightful turn as Jon Voight discusses his public endorsement of Donald Trump. Discover the actor’s perspectives on politics, the values he supports, and the intersection of entertainment and public life.

As the episode unfolds, get an exclusive preview of Jon Voight’s latest project, “The Painter.” Dive into the details of this upcoming film and explore Voight’s role in bringing this compelling story to the screen.

Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas invites you to witness the confluence of art, faith, and political conviction with Jon Voight. Don’t miss this intimate episode as we explore the depths of a legendary career, from the groundbreaking roles that defined an era to the unwavering passions that continue to shape Jon Voight’s narrative in the world of entertainment.

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