Kevin Costner set the record straight what happened to John Dutton


In this compelling episode of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas, we are honored to welcome the legendary actor, director, and producer Kevin Costner. Renowned for his versatile performances and remarkable contributions to the film industry, Kevin Costner sits down with Gentry Thomas to discuss his latest endeavors and iconic roles.

Kevin dives into the immense popularity of the hit television series “Yellowstone,” sharing his experiences and insights into portraying the complex character of John Dutton. He reflects on the series’ impact, the dedicated fan base, and what it means to bring such a multifaceted character to life.

In addition, Kevin introduces his highly anticipated new movie, “Horizon: An American Saga.” He provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, the inspiration behind the story, and what audiences can expect from this epic saga.

Throughout the interview, Kevin also opens up about his personal connection to his characters, particularly John Dutton, and how his own life experiences influence his portrayals.

This episode promises an engaging and insightful conversation with one of Hollywood’s most enduring stars. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Kevin Costner, only on Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas.

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