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Mr Windy pays tribute to Eddie Van Halen and says he will vote for.... 10-9-20


Here we go, another day, another another 75 cents…Mr. Windy is riveting this week with tales of a dead dog, remembering a dead rock star and the death of Mr. Windy’s support for the movement. It’s a pretty dead show… Mr. Windy may have to find work at the Dollar General or find some Joe Biden supporters to listen to his show now that he’s swinging his Go Joe Rope. 

As expected Mr. Windy showed up for class without his homework, his assignment was to write a new Open for his show. Mr. Windy’s big idea is to not write a new open and just string together a bunch of clips of himself saying funny stuff like “Pull my finger” , “It’s Friday” and “Don’t spill my drink”. That should be good enough for this s#!t show.

Another 10 pounds up this week for the now rotund Mr. Windy, he is still blaming White Food Syndrome; rice, potatoes, pasta, white bread, milk, butter, eggs…. bad white food. And yes, beer is still just whole wheat water.

Don’t listen to the Mr. Windy Podcast alone, please listen with a friend. 20 more listeners a week and Charles get’s a set of steak knives. Listen in, tell a friend. OK BYE!

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