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Mr Windy Running on Empty - Down to the fumes at this point


Frank Sinatra said ” And now the end is near and so I face my final curtain.” I don’t think this is the “final curtain” for Mr. Windy, although some say the end is near. And they say it like that’s shocking news. For Mr. Windy the end is always near. So, we’ll worry about next week, NEXT WEEK!  The big topic on the show today was…why there shouldn’t be any big topics on the show. The Cash App ($MrWindy) is a sore spot for Charles, he’ll take your cigarette out of the ashtray and smoke it, but won’t ask for a couple bucks to cover the basics. The saga continues.. If Yandle don’t come through and do a show next Friday… Agh… Sinatra sings ” And now, the end is near, and so I face…” Just another walk in the park, when your Mr Windy, Running On Empty. Thanks for listening. We’re sorry it’s bad.  

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