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Mr Windy Running On Empty Without A Tank To Tinkle In


Today on Running On Empty Mr. Windy is planning a big crabbing trip. We are going to cast for bait, if we had a cast net. Then we will bait the crab traps, if we had a crab trap. We will need a bucket, which Mr. Windy will steal from the neighbor. (I ain’t gonna steal it, it’s been there for 3 months, I’m gonna lift it. IT”S ABANDON!). SO! Mr Windy asked Santa for a fishing pole for Christmas. The Studio Christmas Tree is a go, Charles is a self certified decoration expert and will trim the finest tree ones ever seen. IN THE NEWS: Just to prove this is not a news show, we did a couple of old stories, not new stories, that makes it not news. It is still a show about nothing. What could possible be next for Charles? Stay tuned to your favorite crabber. Because one of these days there will be something going on. OK BYE.

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