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Mr Windy's RUNNING ON EMPTY 9-25-20


Mr Windy fails once again and proves to everyone that he can’t get anything right. Hopefully his failures make you feel better about your own life. 

Mr Windy said he has pin point accuracy with a pistol. So Gentry invited Marine Jay Yandle and Air Force Officer wannabe Charles Shaw aka Mr Windy to the range for a shootout. Unfortunatly Mr Windy could not perform. Find out why on this episode of Running on Empty.

Mr Windy came prepared with his 5 stories that were on his mind. He had to call back to Michigan (where Mr Windy claims he is a legend) and connect with his accountant Big Poppa. We ended up talking about Breonna Taylor, a middle school mom got tazed in Ohio at a football game plus we spoke about the upcoming election. 

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