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Mr Windy's Running on Empty and the Whiskey has let him down


After countless emails and comments about Mr Windy being too drunk on last week’s show, this week we think he was too sober. We will be working on the right amount of a buzz to put on a good show. Sounds like we are gonna chalk it up to too much whiskey. On this week’s podcast Mr Windy switches presidential candidates after last night’s debate. We find out that Mr Windy will need to make about $25 a day to survive. Please share this show with everyone you know and their sister so that Mr Windy can keep his place at Jones Mobile Home Park in Scumcoast Florida. Not sure how much longer this show will last.. Taking it one show at a time. If you enjoy it make sure to email Mr Windy @ and make a donation. Maybe Mr Windy will have to set up Only Fans site to put some gas in the tank. 

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