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Mr. Windy's the Master Debater - 10-2-2020


On this week’s episode of Running on Empty, Mr Windy revels that he is a “Master Debater.”

Mr Windy comments upon the news that our President and his wife tested positive for covid-19. “I’m sure plenty of people hope Melania makes it”.  said Charles aka Mr Windy.

We checked in with long time friend Omelette from KLT in Northern Michigan (where Charles is a Legend). Plus sent some love to Rhonda who is the GM at the Mobile Home Village (one hot lady). Gentry is getting tired of this show losing money and “wants to ship Mr Windy back to Northern Michigan sooner rather than later” Reports are that this show has earned it’s title “Running on Empty” as its losses are mounting up. Mr Windy did advise that you can listen to this show by just Googling Mr Windy’s Podcast. We found out Mr Windy is a wanted man in Michigan but says he does not have any plans to return to Grand Traverse County anytime soon. If we ship him back we will save on costs by only getting him to Kentucky. 

Mr Windy would not condemn white supremacist just like our President Donald Trump. He did say however that he “once went out with an African American woman which then eliminates him as identifying as a white supremacist.”

Mr Windy added a new segment to the show. As you can see in the photos Charles has put on a solid 30 pounds in the last month. He now is going to give us recipe on the show as an added bonus. Tune in to find out how to make Mr Windy’s Famous Tuna Casserole on the BBQ Pit. What a great show this week! 

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