Nate Boyer former NFL Player and Army Green Beret joins Gentry Thomas to talk new movie


Gentry talks with Nate Boyer who has done it all from football, being a Green Beret, to even acting. The two talk about Nate’s new movie ‘M.V.P’ named after the foundation which he co-founded that merges vets and players. To find out more click the following link It was created to help them with coming to terms following life after the military and after professional sports. The movie stars Mo McRae, a retired NFL star and Nate Boyer, a former Marine, as the two cross paths in an unlikely manner. The film involves real military vets and real former NFL stars each telling their real life stories and what transitioning back to regular life is like. Nate then tells what his experience was like going to war then playing both college and professional football and then going back to civilian life. Gentry then pitches a game show idea to him which makes military vets the stars. Gentry and Nate talk about ‘M.V.P’., being a war vet, NFL, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes and interviews.

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