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NFL Week 9, Fastest 2 Minutes, CJ Stroud Has Arrived, The Dolphins Can't Beat A Good Team And More


NFL Week 9, we start with fastest 2 minutes then recap every game from Sunday. (00:00:00-00:09:46)

Chiefs 21, Dolphins 14 (00:09:46-00:23:42)

Ravens 37, Seahawks 3 (00:23:42-00:33:00)

Vikings 31, Falcons 28 (00:33:00-00:41:21)

Texans 39, Bucs 37 (00:41:21-00:57:13)

Commanders 20, Patriots 17 (00:57:13-01:09:14)

Packers 20, Rams 3 (01:09:14-01:13:25)

Browns 27, Cardinals 0 (01:13:25-01:19:10)

Saints 24, Bears 17 (01:19:10-01:28:42)

Raiders 30, Giants 6 (01:28:42-01:36:14)

Colts 27, Panthers 13 (01:36:14-01:39:11)

Cowboys 28, Eagles 23 (01:39:11-01:54:13)

Bengals 24, Bills 18 (01:54:13-01:57:33)

We finish with who’s back of the week. (01:57:33-02:14:17)

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