Omar Epps talks Oscars and his new movie The Devil You Know


On todays episode of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas we get to listen to a renowned actor, producer, Emmy award winner, and a Brooklyn Native Omar Epps. His newest film is titled The Devil You Know hitting theatres April 1st. The movie is a thriller about family, brotherhood, and justice. Omar also comments on the latest Oscar debacle between Will Smith and Chris Rock and how he feels the two will likely solve any of their beef behind closed doors. Speaking of The Oscars Omar talks with Gentry about his favorite Oscar winner of all time Sidney Poitier who was the first African American to ever win the award and one of Omar’s biggest role models going into the movie business. Epps also talks about what his time on the hit show House as Dr. Gant was like as well as how it influenced his career moving forward. He additionally believes that part of the reason the show became so popular was because House played by Hugh Laurie was one of Hollywood’s first ever anti-heroes. The 48 year old movie star talks with Gentry about rapping, producing, movie soundtracks, modern technology, New York sports, and so much more on todays rendition of Backstage Pass, make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes. 

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