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PEACEMAKER & 10 other DC CINEMATIC UNIVERSE comic book adaptations in NAME ONLY…!!


Jesse Blaze Snider is The Coolest Geek Alive. This week: Jesse speaks on the spectacular critical & commercial SUCESS of Peacemaker on HBO MAX and points backward to the growing pattern of studios using names & titles to sell the audience on what essentially amounts to original creations from the studios & filmmakers, which actually bare very little resemblance to their source material, which they’re supposed to be adapting. Sometimes this works out in the case of Peacemaker, but often the end results leave A LOT to be desired from the geek culture audience. P.S. Don’t forget to go check out Jesse’s new book on “KING OF KINGS #1” on Kickstarter LIVE NOW!! Tell a friend about the podcast. Leave a comment and thanks for listening.


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