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Rewrite Your Money Story. Yanely Espinal


Our relationship with money goes deeper than numbers on a spreadsheet? It all starts in our mind. My guest today is award-winning financial educator and author of the book “Mind Your Money,” Yanely Espinal. She joins me to spotlight the emotional and psychological aspects that influence how we manage, spend, and even talk about money.

Yanely shares openly about growing up below the poverty line, only realizing she was different when applying for financial aid programs in high school. She unpacks the guilt and scarcity mindset that held her back along with the shopping addiction tied to wanting to feel normal. 

Now a leading voice in financial literacy advocacy, Yanely is on a mission to transform money mindsets through education. She offers tangible advice around childhood financial trauma, automating your savings to avoid temptations to spend, finding community support, and the importance of making money conversations mainstream.

In this vulnerable conversation we explore the roots of financial trauma and how becoming aware of our own money stories is the first step toward real change.


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Californian’s For Financial Education Initiative:

Take a few minutes to uncover the cost of your money story?

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Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous new year! We will be back in February 2024.


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