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RUMOR: Marvel Set to Replace Avengers w/ “Young Avenger” Counterparts including Iron Heart, Ms. Marvel & America Chavez! Why this is a Terrible Idea!


If you look up “Young Avengers” on Wikipedia you will find an accurate list of the team’s lifelong roster including Member(s): America Chavez, Hawkeye, Hulkling, Iron Lad, Kid Loki, Noh-Varr, Patriot, Prodigy, Speed, Stature, Vision & Wiccan. Why does Wikipedia have a more accurate understanding of Marvel’s intellectual property? No Miss Marvel is NOT on the Young Avengers. No Iron Heart is NOT on the Young Avengers. And America Chavez did not join the team until much later. They had at least two major story arcs before any of the newer members showed up and appeared in countless books without those members. Iron Heart & Miss Marvel are on a DIFFERENT team altogether with Mile Morales, Amadeus Cho & others called “The Champions”. What’s the point in building that series and getting people into those characters together under that banner if they’re not gonna honor the team they established here? These were Icebergs fans could have pointed out. Join Jesse Blaze Snider, the Coolest Geek Alive, as he breaks it all down.


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