S2E1: Lets Go Balls Deep Shall We......


Holy shit! Season 2 is underway! Your host Bridgette B, isn’t sugarcoating anything.  From fan questions about dating to what she’s been doing this week and why are guys thinking everything they do should be an automatic pantydropper!!! Open your mouth wide and make sure you learn some good gag reflexes, if not , don’t worry…Bridgette will show you on her Onlyfans! (s

*Got specific sex questions? Head over to www.onlyfans.com/bridgetteb and DM our hostess with the mostest! She shows techniques and gives real pornstar tips not only for guys, but couples as well..Bella Thorne might have Disney, but she ain’t got a thing on this page!

* Say hello to RSC new home www.thepodcastplayground.com! Lots of fun things coming up this season! 


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