S2E14: Excuse me, I'm looking for a real man. Definitely not on TikTok


On this week’s episode of the Dyrtyblonde™ Podcast, your host Bridgette B. is letting you know exactly why there will not be any real men coming out of TikTok.  As she ponders the questions of life, one of them is…is this as good as it’s gonna get?  Tune in and follow along as she shares insights into this new digital era of social media influencers and the basic concerns of future generational survival skills being tossed out the window because no one knows how to chop wood or hunt for food…can you say…hunger games gone wrong? Plus why Jenna Jameson and a few more are truly the last of the real “pornstars”.  Thank you so much for listening and don’t forget to rate, subscribe, and leave a review on iTunes!! See ya next episode!

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