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The Outcast Podcast - Ep 75 - DIAMOND EPISODE


Welcome back to The Outcast Podcast, thank you for listening! This is our 75th episode “The Diamond Episode” we feel so blessed to have made it this far and are all very thankful for you listening. We have another Outcast contest brewing and it’s a cook off! We have a new sponsor “HelloFresh” and we are doing a contest to see who can make their HelloFresh meal the best. Winner gets $200 and a delicious meal. Gentry has been indulging in multiple docuseries and the first one he watched was about hair bands in the 80s. We all reminisce about the influence or lack there of these bands had on their youth. Gentry also talked about a much more interesting docuseries in which he himself was very well was a part of. Let us take you back to 1986 when a young boy named Gentry is in the Scouts of America and in class at school with Mr William Sheehan. G Money regales us with his stories of how he dodged the accused child sex abuser. Jamie Fox has been out of the public eye for months now since falling suddenly ill and now has resurfaced with a video for his fans. Jamie says that he didn’t want people to see him that way and that’s why he waited so long to speak out. Some have turned to conspiracy theories that maybe he was cloned since he just came out with a movie where he is cloned. There are even worse rumors about how he fell ill in the first place. Vice President Kamala Harris speaks on Florida’s new black history curriculum and we get extra heated while debating this hot button issue. This is a topic that people are very passionate about and that’s why we shine a light on it. Always treat people the way you would want to be treated. ***TomKat’s NEWS HEADLINES*** Current events from around the world in 3 min. This episode is being sponsored by Better Help. Getting therapy has never been easier. Get matched to the best therapist for you. Talk to your therapist however you feel comfortable. Messaging, Chat, Phone or Video. Listeners get 10% off their first month at You deserve to be happy. for a free Yeti style tumbler with your order. That’s for a free Yeti style tumbler. You won’t want to take your birddogs off, we promise you.”  Real People. Real Flavor. Real Hydrating. Now Sugar-Free. Grab your Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free in bulk nationwide at Costco or get 20% off when you go to LIQUID IV DOT COM and use code OUTCAST at checkout. That’s 20% off ANYTHING you order when you use promo code OUTCAST at LIQUID IV DOT COM. Thanks for listening! Like us and share! Please write a review and leave us a rating, good or bad. We’ll be back next week, God willing.

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