The wrestler formerly known as Big Show reveals his new name Captain....


Today on Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas we are joined by the one and only WWE legend The Big Show or as he likes to be called Paul Wight. The two talk about his recent move to AEW (All Elite Wrestling) where his name is no longer The Big Show but instead he has decided to keep his name Paul Wight at least for the time being. Gentry also does his best to organize a match between Paul and The Big Aristotle AKA Shaq. The 50 year old wrestler talks about his involvement with an NFT sci-fi series in the GenZeroes universe. The show’s plot is chosen by the viewers who provide monetary donations and in return choose the direction of the show. Paul talks about his time acting as Walter Krunk in the movie Knucklehead and how he related to the character because of his larger than life size. The two talk about basketball, wrestling, comedy, technology, the internet, and he reveals his new wrestling name which is…… Make sure to subscribe and follow Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas for the latest episodes.

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