Winnie Cooper tells us her real crush from the Wonder Years


On today’s rendition of Backstage Pass we’re joined by actress, writer, math genius, and an advocate for education Danica McKellar. Also known as Winnie Cooper from her starring role in The Wonder Years. Today she hangs with Gentry to talk about her newest children’s book ‘Double Puppy Trouble’ a picture book dedicated to making mathematics simple and fun. She describes what it was like growing up being a child actress and what The Wonder Years set was actually like. Danica explains how her busy childhood on set may have led her to writing children’s books. Gentry asks the famous math PHD how he can help his young daughter get through pre-algebra and Danica tells Gentry to ‘Kiss My Math’. The childhood sweetheart who stole hearts aplenty reveals who her childhood crush was nearly the second she was asked. The two talk about The Wonder Years, Michael J Fox, being a child actress, and so much more in today’s episode of Backstage Pass. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes. Rate and Review the show please and thank you! See ya Backstage!

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