Wynonna Judd Opens Up About Her Mothers Suicide and Talks About Her New Tour with Gentry Thomas


This episode we’re going Backstage with widely beloved country music legend, Wynonna Judd. Between 1983 to 1991, The Judd’s of Naomi and Wynonna became Country Music royalty and were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. However, behind the curtain of success and fame, it’s hard to imagine the amount of tragedy that Wynonna has had to endure. In recent time, she has dealt with the passing of her beloved and iconic mother, Naomi Judd who unfortunately committed suicide about eight months ago. Wynonna also is going on a new tour dedicated to the celebration of the life of her mother, Naomi Judd. If you are interested in seeing her preform live, which we would highly recommend, visit the URL below and check out the cities she will be visiting: Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest episodes releasing.

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